The Human Biofield

Have you ever met a new person and instantly felt either a strong attraction or repulsion? What you were experiencing was the energy of their Aura, or what is now know scientifically as the The Human Biofield. If you are a highly sensitive person, you may even be able to see or physically sense this field around the person.
Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, of Cambridge University in England, created the term Morphogenic Fields to describe fields of “in-formation” (author’s emphasis) that influence the world of matter. The Human Biofield is one of these fields. See The Field. Quest for the Secret Force of The Universe, 2001, Harper Collins. Lynn McTaggart’s informative book on this and related subjects.

The Human Biofield is a term chosen in 1994, by a team of National Institute of Health (NIH) scientists. led by Dr. Beverly Rubik, to describe the energetic matrix of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body and that of all living things. This field is also known as the human energy field, or Aura. It is recognized as being composed of both Electromagnetic and Subtle Energies that directly links the cellular activity in the physical body with the energy meridian pathways. This energetic aura is like a superhighway that allows the genes (DNA) in cells to communicate at light speed and maintain a coherent, holistic, intelligence in the organism. This biofield system includes multiple mini-systems of varying energetic frequencies, each informing the individual LIFE that each of us is expressing at this time.

The Human Biofield is so important that we cannot survive without it!
Ancient scripts from many cultures recognize that humans and animals have energetic structures through which our life-force travels. This energy has a variety of names including:

Subtle Energy, Prana, Chi, Qi, Vital Force, and more. Clairvoyants and many healers can sense or see this field and are able to identify disruptions in the field and treat these disruptions to reduce, heal or prevent illnesses from developing.

Until recently Western Medicine has been slow to acknowledge the biofield and its importance in contributing to health and wellness, due to lack of “scientific proof” of its existence. However, as the world of science has moved into the quantum domain, proof of this subtle energy domain as both measureable and visible is growing and available.

We are now on the precipice of bringing the knowledge of science and the wisdom of spirituality together!

The Human Biofield is not only essential for our survival, it may be the Reason for our EXISTENCE!

Knowing about your biofield and how you can work with it for greater health and well-being can bring comfort and empowerment to anyone who understands it. I believe this topic is so important that I have written an entire, fully referenced, Chapter about it in my book:
Reducing Anxiety & Stress to Enhance Success with Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping.

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