Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT, is one of a group of therapies known for their speedy and powerful results for reducing or eliminating a wide range of distressing emotions and some physical issues. As a group, these therapies are known as Energy Psychotherapies or EP’s. These therapies work with the acupuncture meridians (channels of energy along which the life force or Chi flows,) and the subtle energy systems of the body.

The basic premise of Energy Psychotherapies is that strong emotions of distress, especially during times of trauma or upset, can create disruptions in one or more of the body’s energy systems. If ignored or left untreated these disruptions can contribute to a wide range of physical and emotional issues. These can include: reactions of the sympathetic nervous system, also known as the fight or flight response; cloudy thinking; muscle tension; disturbed digestion; poor sleep; diminished sexual response, and more. They may also contribute to hormonal and biochemical reactions that can affect short and long-term health.

Much like the static on your television set, these energy disturbances can also affect your ability to view situations in a clear, calm, light. When this occurs you may find yourself suffering from anxiety, panic or phobias, or over-reacting to situations you would usually handle with ease.

The EFT Protocol is a simple process that works to calm the energy disturbances in your acupuncture meridians and energy systems. It starts with tuning in to your specific distressing issue and noticing the physical, mental and emotional reactions you feel while thinking about the issue. Once identified, you pair a statement about your thoughts and emotions with a brief affirmation of self-acceptance while rubbing specific areas on your hand or upper chest. The treatment of the disrupted energy occurs as you hold or tap with your fingers on a series of acupuncture meridians. At the same time you focus on the distressing thoughts and feelings about the issue you want to treat. Together, these actions re-harmonize the body’s energy systems to eliminate distress and positively affect the mind/body continuum.

New research is demonstrating that treatments of these “energetic disruptions” using Energy Psychotherapies can bring remarkable shifts in a person’s state of well-being. In addition to the person’s internal experience of relief, there are physiologic changes that can be measured with a variety of scientific instruments. For example, treatment can show positive changes in the electromagnetic activity of the brain, as measured by EEG (electro-encephalogram) tracings. Also evident are positive shifts in stress measures such as heart rate, blood pressure and galvanic skin response. Most important, people using these therapies report dramatic shifts in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being!