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I believe in empowering my clients in every way possible. We will work as a collaborative team to identify your goals and to eliminate the inner blocks that are getting in your way. Sometimes you will know exactly what you need. Sometimes we will work together as detectives to uncover those blocks.

I have an extensive background as a Registered nurse in health and mental health care. I mainly work with Energy Psychotherapies because they are simple, efficient and effective therapeutic and self-care tools. The main therapy I offer in my first session with clients is Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping. In our first session, after taking a brief history, I will teach you to how use this easy-to-learn technique on yourself. There are no known side-effects and you are highly likely to feel positive shifts in your emotions and energy by the end of our first session.

I am also skilled working with Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) another Energy Psychotherapy that can be highly effective. If you know EFT and would like to try this out in our first session, this is also available. While talk therapy is always part of my sessions, I have found that talk combined with the Mindfulness and Somatic or Body-Centered aspects of Energy Psychotherapies provides the most success for my clients.

Most people find it a good idea to book a series of three sessions over 3-6 weeks time. but there is no requirement for this commitment. Those who practice EFT between sessions are more likely to have the most rapid outcomes of success for tenacious issues. However, each person will decide what pace is best for themselves.