Reducing Anxiety & Stress
Enhance Success
Emotional Freedom Technique
~ Tapping ~

Learn a Quick and Powerful Self-Care Tool
To Reduce Stress and Enhance Success!

Would you like to have more power
over your inner stressors and distressing emotions?

Would you like to enhance your mental & physical performance?

Then this is the book for you!

Emotional Freedom Technique aka EFT or Tapping is one of a group of therapeutic tools known as Quantum Healing Therapies, that work with the interface of mind, body & energy systems. We now know that these therapies can enhance our health and well-being by influencing the health of our bodies right down to the cellular level. EFT/Tapping can be learned in minutes and can often lead to rapid positive shifts in emotional states and performance.

A 2018 survey of 38,015 students Canada found that 86% reported feeling stressed in the past month and 30% reported mental health conditions including anxiety disorder, panic attacks or depression and 50% asked for more education about mental health issues. This Student Guide can help young people better understand and clear destructive thoughts and emotions, to support greater physical, emotional and mental health.
While this Guide has been written for students, the information here can help almost anyone gain control of their thoughts and emotions in a wide range of life situations. Parents, teachers, counsellors and others will find this book to be a valuable aid, in their quest to support the wellbeing of the students in their lives


“Students will definitely feel empowered using the ideas and techniques in this book to relieve the symptoms that are blocking their success. A great reference tool for anyone who wants to gain mastery over their performance in academia and life.”
Rey Carr, PhD., author of PEER CAREER COACHING:
Engaging Young People to Find Their Assets and Live Their Dreams

“Dear Karen,
Your book is a universal gift to the human family – so practical and so easy to access.  To have it inside the school system would be a marvelous enrichment to the curriculum for both teachers and students. Congratulations!”

Sister Eileen Curteis, Former teacher and principal;
continuing practice as a Reiki Master Teacher.

 “I really like how this Student Guide is laid out and all the examples used.  Young people can easily see themselves in those examples.  I also like the simple, clear language that makes the psychological concepts available as well as the neurological impacts.  The book feels kind and friendly!”
K.H. Teacher. Alternative Learning Program