I was drawn towards the EFT and TAT energy therapies when the stresses of the university student lifestyle began to instill in me certain fears and phobias. I was scared of graduation, financial problems and most of all, what lay ahead in the future for myself and my career. Karen Ledger aided me in diminishing the intensity of my fears and phobias and helped me start to see the more positive side to situations. EFT and TAT also acted as a catalyst for me to realize that I had the power to make my future a productive one that was not concerned with anxieties. I recommend EFT and TAT to any student.

Fourth year Performing Arts student, aged 20

I have found Karen Ledger to be a vibrant woman and educator.  She is able to provide a safe, compassionate setting in which to learn. On a personal level, I have worked with Karen in one to one sessions and also in a session with my teenager.  We both felt motivated to express our feelings where calm conversation had not been possible before.  I appreciate and trust Karen with her gentle and creative approach.

Bonnie Reid, Lymphatic Detox Practitioner, Victoria, B.C

“I received professional and compassionate EFT instruction from Karen at a time when I was in a state of high anxiety and severe insomnia. Practicing the EFT was a significant benefit in creating a more balanced state through release of emotions and reconnecting with ‘self’. It is an effective and practical technique that I highly recommend. Karen has a special gift to teach and counsel which ensured I was able to gain the maximum benefit from the practice.
55 yr old man, Victoria, B.C.   

Resolution of Post Traumatic Stress Following a Car Accident
“I was in a car accident in May 1999. This accident left me with continuous back pain, energy loss, mood swings, but especially in a suffering psychological state. I experienced thoughts and flashbacks of the accident day and night (including in my dreams). My back pain would increase as these thoughts entered my mind, and vice` versa. I was haunted with the incidents that occurred the night of the accident. I have never experienced such emotional ups and downs nor such confusion and lack of control over my thoughts.

In late August and early September, I finally began to take significant steps to improve my state. I went to my chiropractor twice a week, went back to my gym a few times a week, joined yoga classes, changed my eating habits and cut back on my hours at my office job. I felt improvements and believed I was on the way to recovering. However, the last weeks in September proved me wrong. My back pain was intense and my emotional state was on a roller coaster. The flashbacks occurred consistently, and I knew I needed to do something soon to help myself. That is when a close friend of mine recommended I see Karen and try some new energy therapies. Am I ever lucky to have such a wonderful friend.

Karen described what the energy therapies were and how the session would proceed. It felt good already. We were going to deal directly with the trauma of the car accident. We walked through the event piece by piece; releasing each of the negative and haunting images. As the session progressed I felt a difference.

When I left for home I knew something had changed, and sure enough things did. I no longer have flashbacks, dreams, or images of the accident unless I choose to see them. My emotional state is back to normal, actually my life is more or less back to normal.

I cannot give an exact explanation as to why this therapy healed me. All I know is that it worked and released me from five months of suffering! I recommend this therapy for anyone suffering from a trauma or emotional hardships. This therapy allows the patient to deal with the images and emotions they are experiencing, not what someone else may think the patient is suffering from. Karen taught, guided and supported while I released my own energy blocks.

Thank you Karen for setting me free.
Leisha MacLeod
Kelowna, B.C.
Note: Leisha’s mother wrote me a note a few weeks later, thanking me for “giving her healthy daughter back to her again.”

Testimonials ~ Workshops and Seminars

“Karen Ledger has presented lectures and seminars for professionals in our Community in Northern Sweden, twice in two years.  She is knowledgeable, skilled, entertaining and pragmatic.  We will be having her back again.”
Dr. Ola Schenstrom, M.D., Medical Director
Lulea, Sweden

“Karen Ledger is a seasoned nurse and adult educator who has a passion for energy healing and medicine. Her presentation at our University was entertaining, informative and inspiring.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.”
Stephanie Buckingham, CD, RN, BSN, MA

“Karen Ledger presented at Malaspina University College on the topic of Energy Medicine. It was a fascinating and very informative presentation and discussion.  Our nursing program offers a course on Integrative Healing and information on Energy Therapies fit well with the practice of alternative and complementary healing modalities.
Many of our nursing students attended, as did a number of faculty and students from other disciplines.  Following this a number of people approached me to say how much they had enjoyed the evening and wanted to know when we would be offering this type of presentation again.”
Maureen Parkes,  RN MN. Nurse Educator
Malaspina University College